Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification

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Which data object should be used in conjunction with data extensions to create an opt-down strategy for customers?
Explanation- Since customer has limited technical resources, Its recomended to use standard functionality of Dynamic content. Click here for more information.
A user in the Marketing Cloud wants to use Salesforce Custom object data for segmenting and personalization. How should the consultant approach this requirement?
A financial company will be using Marketing Cloud to send late payment notices to accounts whose payment due date lapsed the previous week. The company has shared the following:
Payments.csv will arrive on the Enhanced FTP each Monday at 1.00 a.m. Payments.csv will be encrypted.
Payments.csv will contain data from the previous week
Late payment notices will be sent each Monday at noon.
They need to receive a file containing customers who opened or clicked on the late payment notice email within 5 days after send.
Which automation sequence represents a viable solution?
During discovery it was confirmed that: The customer has purchased a Corporate Edition account. A master audience file containing contact information and data points will be used for segmentation and imported nightly. The Customer would like to implement a mechanism that consistently prevents sending promotional emails to subscribers who work for their top three competitors. What feature should a consultant include in the solution?
A customer team wants to retarget subscribers who click on links of key items promoted across email campaigns. The customer has indicated the following:
» Emails will be built using a custom dynamic template for these messages.
» Links will vary over time and across campaigns.
» Click activity will be cross-referenced with subscribers’ regional markets on a master subscriber data extension.
» Retargeting messages will dynamically populate context based on regional market.
In order for this solution to be viable, what skill set does the customer team need to possess?
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants its monthly distributor newsletter email to appear to be sent on behalf of the subscriber’s account representative without segmenting the audience by sales representative. In which two ways should this distributor-specific sender profile be configured in the Marketing Cloud? Choose 2 answers
A company is hosting a series of events and wants its customers who register to enter into a journey. Which two methods are viable configurations for these contracts to enter? Chose 2 answers.
A customer would like to store financial data related to invoicing in its data extensions. What field type should be used?
A company collects subscriptions on its website. It does the following:
Complies that subscription list in a database in the website Content Management System (CMS).
Posts this encrypted list to Marketing Cloud nightly at 11 p.m.
Uses Marketing Cloud as the database of record.
Sends up to five emails a week based on a subscriber engagement with prior sends.
What automation sequence (excluding waits) should cover these requirements?
What are two capabilities of the Import within Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers
Which two statements about a database of record are correct? Choose 2 answers
A customer plans to configure multiple business units (BU) to support the digital marketing efforts of five international offices. What reason warrants this implementation?
An existing triggered send needs to be updated with new content. Select the correct sequence.
Northern Trail outfitters (NTO) need to provide an IT staff member with access to Marketing Cloud. The staff member needs to perform the following tasks:
» Maintain NTO’s master suppression list
» Configure data relationships
» Create new subscriber attributes
» What role should be assigned to the IT staff member?
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has doubled in size over the last couple of years. Because of this growth they have decided to organize their company into Business Units to better manage operation. Which two statements are correct regarding the Business Unit functionality within Marketing Cloud? Choose 2 answers
A customer will provide a single daily file on the Marketing Cloud SFTP at 3AM and needs an alert if the file is not present on time. The file needs to be: Imported into a staging data extension. Separated into two different data extensions. Which workflow should meet these requirements?
A customer needs to import data from an SFTP site. The customer wants to:
Segment the contents of the file and then send emails.
Transfer the file to the SFTP site at various times daily.
Send to data extensions.
What workflow should meet these requirements?
During discovery, the customer outlines data requirements and the anticipated use of Marketing Cloud with the following criteria:
Customer data will be fully refreshed every night via Import File Activity from the customer’s data warehouse.
Contact records will be augmented by relational data tables via Contact Builder.
One attribute will house HTML code, 1000 characters max that will be used to populate Account access content areas in emails.
A Customer ID will be used as the unique identifier for each contact.
Which statement differentiates the use of data extensions over lists?
Northern Trail outfitters (NTO) is launching a new campaign, driving them to redesign their data structure. NTO needs to change the cardinality between two data extensions inside Contact Builder. What are two consequences of this change? Choose 2 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) plans to use Contact Builder to increase the scope of customer information they can see in an effort to establish more effective 1:1 relationships. NTO has a separate instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud that serves as their current customer master database. Which two actions should be taken when using Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has decided to use Journey Builder to launch event-driven lifecycle marketing programs. This includes personalized interactions with customers with the goal of increasing purchase frequency. Which two pieces of information would help NTO achieve this objective? Choose 2 answers
The customer has the following requirements for storing engagement data in their data warehouse:
All email open and click activity must be pulled daily from Marketing Cloud.
Output files must meet the specific requirements for the data warehouse.
All the activity must be provided via FTP in one file.
Which automation workflow meets the customer requirements?
A restaurant supply company captures email subscribers and leads through trade shows. They hold a giveaway at each trade show to entice booth visitors to leave their contact information. In the past, they have used a fishbowl to capture business cards, but need to update this to an online sweepstakes entry vehicle displayed on a mounted tablet.
Individuals should only be allowed to enter once, and the winner will be selected randomly.
All entrants receive a follow-up email after the trade show asking them to confirm their opt-in for a monthly newsletter.
Which two components are appropriate for this solution? Choose 2 answers
A retail company needs to create journeys that will target subscribers based on website behavior. They have identified three separate groups:
» Customers who searched for an item on their website.
» Customers who abandoned a cart on their website.
» Customers who made a purchase on their website.
Which three questions should the consultant ask in order to design the data structure for this solution?
Choose 3 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a requirement to create a distinction between marketing and transactional emails in terms of From Name and IP Address for reputation purposes. Which two actions should NTO take in order to create Send Classifications? Choose 2 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters is expanding its marketing efforts globally. Each country’s marketing department has its own business unit and is responsible for the creation and execution of all the marketing campaigns. The Marketing Cloud Administrator is having trouble keeping up with the constant influx of new users and would like to speed up the turnaround of granting new user access to the Marketing Cloud. In what two ways can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers.
Your new question!aA large retail company has selected Marketing Cloud and has asked to be fully migrated from their existing platform in three weeks. They have communicated the following.
They currently have 3 million customers.
They email customers twice a week with no known deliverability issues.
Their contract includes one Sender Authentication Package (SAP).
Which two responses articulate proper IP warming? Choose 2 answers
Which three statements are correct about Data Designer? Choose 3 answers
How is publication lists used in the Marketing Cloud?
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) assigns a 15- digit integer as their Order ID which will be used as the primary key of a data extension. The import file contains leading zeroes, but NTO does not want to include them in the final values. Which data type should they use for the Order ID field?
The Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) marketing team needs to pull email metrics for an upcoming quarterly company meeting. These metrics need to be reported per email campaign for each of NTO’s Business Units:
» Number of Sends
» Delivery Rate
» Overall Bounce Rate
» Block Bounce Rate
» Open Rate
» Click Rate
» Complaint Rate
» Unsubscribe Rate
What email report should NTO’s Marketing Analyst pull from Marketing Cloud to get the information?
Explanation- With my Tracking user can create a list, view in browser or download as an attachment with the subscribers meeting the criteria.
A large retail group consists of a corporate team and several divisions operating under different brand names. All plan to share one Marketing Cloud account. Each brand has its own marketing department and operates independently, with its own creative assets, subscribers, and data structure. What are the two reasons why the recommended account configuration is one corporate Parent account, with each brand configured as a separate child Business Unit? Choose 2 answers
Which three statements about Send Log data are correct? Choose 3 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters is setting up new hires on its instance of Marketing Cloud, which includes Email Studio, Mobile Connect, and Social Studio. One of the hires needs to manage the operations of all of the North American Business Units. What two roles, custom or standard, could be assigned to this user to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers
A daily deal website is concerned with their sender reputation and needs consistent visibility into subscribers who report their email as spam. How should they determine which subscribers reported their email as spam so they can flag those records in their customer service database?
A publishing company has presented the following:
» A need to send renewal reminders to customers whose subscriptions expire in 15 days and 7 days
» A campaign needs to be created and managed by a general marketing user who will not have administrative rights and who is not technical.
» The customer’s expiration date is included in the data file.
Which three components should the customer’s solution include?
Choose 3 answers
Which two statements are correct regarding tracking aliases? Choose 2 answers
A retail company does business in both the United States and Canada. They also have a loyalty program in which a customer can enroll. The company will provide a pre-segmented customer file, per campaign, which has a “Version” data field indicating the type of email the customer is to receive. Which two questions should be asked to determine a data/segmentation strategy? Choose 2 answers
A customer wants to automate a series of three emails as part of a Membership Renewal drip campaign. Email #1 will be sent one month prior to the member's renewal date. Email #2 will be sent one week prior to the member's renewal date. Email #3 will be sent on the member's renewal date. A master audience is updated in real time via the API. Which steps should be included in the customer's automation?
A customer wants to integrate their website with Marketing Cloud so that users can update their marketing communication preferences. The customer has in-house web development resources available and is interested in leveraging tools such as Journey Builder in the future. What solution should the consultant propose, given the customer’s requirements and available resources?
What are data extension data retention policies?
Northern Trail Outfitters wants to set up a welcome journey that leverages customer data across three data extensions: Customers, Orders, and Products. What is the best way to facilitate this within Contact Builder?
A customer has an eCommerce site and imports data into three data extensions daily: Orders, Order_Details, and 'Products. The data extensions contain the following information: Orders: OrderId, CustomerId, OrderNumber, OrderDate, OrderTotal, GrandTotal Order_Details: ProductId, OrderId, Qty, UnitPrice, ExtendedPrice, Discount Products: ProductId, SKU, Name, Description, Cost, Price Which two actions should be taken in Data Designer? Choose 2 answers
A customer wants to automate the process of sending a series of welcome emails based on the subscriber’s data. Emails should be sent weekly for up to five weeks. If a subscriber makes a purchase, they should stop receiving welcome emails. A Boolean flag should be set in the data extension if the subscriber makes it through the welcome series. Which should be used to accomplish this in Journey Builder?
A start-up meal delivery company recently launched in Canada to great success. Through their website, customers can order individual meal kits for up to six people or subscribe to a weekly meal kit delivery. As a new company, resources are limited, but demand is taxing their manual processes for sending out ecommerce messages, such as order confirmation and subscription confirmations. What recommendation would best provide a scalable solution for the start-up?
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to implement a drip campaign to its highest -value outdoor sports customers. NTO is including a deep product discount and wants to limit the audience to not only its best customers, but also those customers most likely to respond. Which three criteria should the customer use to create an audience for this campaign? Choose 3 answers
What statements are correct regarding the automation tools in Marketing Cloud? Choose 3 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is considering adopting Attribute Groups when incorporating data from their external systems. Which two statements are accurate regarding Attribute Groups? Choose 2 answers
A customer wants to create a journey in Journey Builder with the goal of making users activate their accounts within 72 hours of registration.
New account registrations are stored in a data extension via an API call with a Boolean field indicating whether the subscriber has activated their account.
The journey should send activation reminder emails 24 hours and 48 hours after creating an account. Which sequence of activities should be used for the customer’s journey?
What are two possible outcomes when "Send as Multipart MIME" is selected during the send process? Choose 2 answers
A customer wants to send an email from Sales Cloud on behalf of the record owner. In which two ways should the consultant meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers.
Northern Trail Outfitters needs to reduce the amount of work when managing messages to customers, but cannot add any more personnel due to budget constraints. There has been an increased number of customer purchases on their website, and the team currently sends batch order confirmations. What solution will decrease manual workloads on the team and will improve their customer’s experience?
An entertainment company is hosting events across the country in different venues. They want to use Contact Builder to feed Journey Builder. Contact who enter a journey will go through a decision split based on the type of event. The journey will send a series of emails and one of them will contain the venue details dynamically populated with AMP script. The Company collects the following information: Customer data (email address, first name, last name…).
Event registration (email address, event ID, event name, event type, venue ID…).
Venue details (venue ID, venue name, venue address…).
Payment details (email address, event ID, total paid…).
The Company does not want to link everything in Contact Builder.
Which are the two data sources that must be incorporated inside Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers.
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) experienced a 24-hour website outage beginning on a peak shopping day. As a result, a number of logged-in customers’ shopping sessions were disrupted. When the site is back online, the retailer would like to encourage those shoppers to return to the site and continue their shopping. What action should NTO take?
A customer needs to link demographic information to its contact model in Contact Builder. What type of relationship should be used?
What storage model should be used if a subscriber has more than one value for an attribute?

A consultant is configuring Marketing Cloud Connect in Marketing Cloud. The customer requires that integrated users only have access to Sales Cloud data visible to them in their Salesforce account. How should the consultant ensure that this requirement is met?
Which two statements are correct about Send Logging? Choose 2 answers
A customer provides a file containing only new and updated subscriber records exported from its marketing database.
» The file will be uploaded to the Customer’s Enhanced FTP automatically at 3 AM daily.
» The customer required that the import completes prior to 4AM.
» On average, the file will contain about 2 million rows of data each day.
Based on the customer’s requirements and recommended best practices, how should the daily file be imported?
A customer with limited technical resources has requested assistance in setting up a small email deployment that the customer will maintain long term. The email will display men’s shoes to males in the audience and women’s shoes to females in the audience. The sendable data extension contains a field with a value of Male or Female. Which method should a consultant recommended to ensure content is displayed properly within the email.
The Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) marketing team is launching a new email campaign. NTO's Email Specialist wants to perform quality assurance checks on the email prior to send and has asked about using the Validate functionality for this effort. Which three items will Validate check in an email message? Choose 3 answers
A customer is developing a new eCommerce section of their website and plans to leverage transactional data in customer journeys. Which two Marketing Cloud features will support this effort? Choose 2 answers
What functionality is contained in Journey Builder that does not exist in Automation Studio?
A customer wants to link web analytics data to subscriber data. How should this be set up in Data Designer?
Northern Trail Outfitters is noticing a gradual decline in the percentage of conversions per emails sent in their digital marketing campaign. A new initiative is being adopted to reverse the trend. Which two actions should be taken to increase subscriber engagement? Choose 2 answers
Your new question!
A customer is interested in designing a solution to ensure that subscribers only receive categories of emails that they want to receive. The built-in subscription center will be use as part of the solution. What feature should be utilized to make this happen?
A customer frequently holds seminars and other events to interface with their customers. They plan to do the following: Use SmartCapture forms to write data into event registration data extensions. Cross-reference the records in each registration data extension with corresponding invitation email sends. Send a follow-up email to customers who click on the registration link in the invitation email, but do not complete registration. Which skill is needed to build an efficient solution?
A bank wants to send out a series of emails to new customers that open a checking or savings account. The emails will be used to educate and inform customers regarding their current account and other bank offerings.
Data for the campaign will be in two data extensions: customer and New Accounts
The Customer data extension is currently used for multiple campaigns and is updated at 1:00 a.m.
The New Accounts data is encrypted and will be placed on the FTP at 10:00 p.m.
Which automated work flow meets the customer’s requirements?
A subscriber asked to be removed from a customer’s email list multiple times by replying directly to the customer’s marketing message, but continues to receive emails. Which three steps will solve how replies are managed by the application? Choose 3 answers
Which three reasons would cause a contact to fail to enter a Journey Builder interaction? Choose 3 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to automate the sending of shipping notices and a customer survey.
Shipping notices will be sent once a day.
The shipping file will be placed on the FTP sometime after 4:00 p.m.
The shipping data will be sorted in the Shipping Notice data extension.
A field in the data extension will contain the shipping date.
The survey needs to be sent at 9:00 a.m., exactly 10 days after the customer’s order ships.
Which workflow would most effectively enable NTO to do this?
Subscribers are collected on a customer’s website whose subscription database of record is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The customer sends up to five emails per week based on subscriber activity. The list is:
Compiled in a database in the website Content Management System (CMS)
Imported into Marketing Cloud nightly at 11 p.m.
What action should be taken if a third party is sending a message for the customer outside of the Marketing Cloud?
A customer has three data extensions that need to be added to Contact Builder.
Customers contains customer information.
Orders contains order information.
Products contains product information.
How should these data extensions be linked within an Attribute Group?
A consultant wants to trigger an email whenever the Status field on the Lead Object changes to Hot. Tracking data will need to be kept in the Sales Cloud. Which three steps should the consultant use in the solution? Choose 3 answers
A customer needs to compare the engagement across three creative versions of an email, and then send a follow-up email for those contacts who did not engage with any of the test versions. Which sequence of activities in journey Builder would best accomplishes this?
A financial services customer states that families often share email addresses across multiple checking, savings, loan and credit accounts.  The customer needs to allow individual accounts to use the same email address in Marketing Cloud but maintain separate subscriber attributes. What component should be discussed with the customer to allow for this use case?
To fuel their expansion, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) recently acquired Eagle Outfitters (EO). There is currently a 30 percent overlap between the guests of each brand and they will be pursuing cross-marketing opportunities. It was recommended that their Marketing Cloud account now include a separate business unit for EO and the company secure a new sender authentication package for EO using the private domain Which two statements correctly describe the implication of their recommendation? Choose 2 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO):
Employs Email Specialists responsible for creating content, testing, sending emails, defining the activities for Automation Studio, and creating automations.
Prefers not to use custom roles unless it is absolutely necessary
Email Specialist resides in multiple business units.
Using best practices, how should a consultant create and assign roles for NTO?
What are two ways Contact Builder can be used to affect data stored on a data extension? Choose 2 answers
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is running a campaign for a brand new type of footwear inside Journey Builder. The entry event: Prevents contacts from entering the journey if “shoes” is not selected in their preferences. Is based on a data extension which has Email Address as Primary Key. A few weeks after launching the campaign, NTO’s data analyst noticed a reduced email volume and that some contacts inside the data extension updated their preferences after the launch of the campaign. Even with the entry event being triggered every day, those contacts are not receiving the welcome emails. What could be the reason?
A customer wants to automate the send of a monthly promotional email. The customer will upload an audience file to their accounts Enhanced FTP on a monthly basis on the 15th day of each month, expecting the email to be deployed upon completion of the import activity. However, if the 15th of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the customer will provide the file on the Friday prior to the 15th and expect the promotional email to be sent on that Friday. Given the customer’s requirements, which method should be used to automate their monthly promotional email?
Your new question!
A retail company does business in both the United States and Canada. They also have a loyalty program in which a customer can enroll. The company will provide a pre-segmented customer file, per campaign, which has a “Version” data field indicating the type of email the customer is to receive. Which two questions should be asked to determine a data/segmentation strategy? Choose 2 answers
Which two statements are correct regarding Attribute Groups? Choose 2 answers
A university plans to use Journey Builder to improve their 1:1 marketing to potential students, current students, and alumni. The university currently has student data in the Sales Cloud. Other data, such as course catalog, student demographics, and alumni information, is stored in external systems. Which two actions should the implementation Consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers.
A customer would like to send a quarterly reengagement email to subscribers who have not opened in the previous three months. The customer’s plans are to:
» Use an existing Paste HTML email for the first send.
» Make only minor changes to the email creative for future sends.
» Use an existing Measure to build the subscriber audience for current and future sends.
» Deploy emails manually for now, but possibly automate in the future.
Which send method is recommended for the reengagement?
A consultant needs to send an email to subscribers who have made a purchase. The data used for the send exists on two data extensions—subscribers and OrderTable, and the customer would like to include kay information from both tables, such as:
Which SQL statement should the consultant use?
A customer wants to perform an email send to a subset of a Synchronized Data Extension filtered on custom object data and return tracking to the Sales Cloud. Which two approaches should the consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers
A customer has several values that need to be used in the body of an email send: The data should be stored in a reference data extension, related on SubscriberKey.
There may be one or more records for each subscriber.
The audience is generally over 1 million subscribers.
The content is time sensitive and should be sent as quickly as possible.
The customer is not using burst sending.
The reference data extension contains 25 columns.
What method should be used?
A Marketing Cloud user needs the email addresses of everyone who unsubscribed from a particular email send. This user does not know SQL and does not have access to the enhanced FTP account. What functionality should be used to retrieve the necessary data?
A retail company’s database of record resides at a third party company that also keeps track of purchase history. That database only updates once a day where new records can be created and merged. The database uses an “Email ID,” which is a numeric field that represents both the business unit and email address. The company now wants to be able to send real-time Welcome emails to people (newly registered website users) who provide their email address in exchange for getting 10% off their first order and ensure this send is connected to “Email ID” in the database. Which three key issues should be addressed? Choose 3 answers
A user in Marketing Cloud needs to send an email to a Salesforce Report via a Guided send process. How should the consultant meet this requirement?
An online retailer would like to be utilizing Journey Builder interactions for sending post-purchase communications to their customers. What Contact Entry mode best fits this scenario?
A customer wants Sales Cloud users to create and send Marketing Cloud emails. Which two consultant make? Choose 2 answers
An online retail customer needs daily promotional email context to generate with minimal time spent on creation. Their service contract includes building a custom dynamic template for this purpose. The customer has communicated the following:
» The email content will highlight new inventory each day.
» A small team will run both their digital marketing operations and their email program.
» A user needs to build, test, and send a daily email in less than an hour.
» Images for the emails will be hosted on their website CMS.
Which three questions are relevant to identify strategies for designing the custom template for the customer’s daily promotional email? Choose 3 answers
By which three standard methods could contacts be injected into a Journey Builder Interaction? Choose 3 answers
The Corporate Apparel Division of Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO)is moving to Marketing Cloud and will be using NTO’s existing account. The Corporate Apparel team has asked for a recommendation on whether they should have a separate business unit. Which consideration warrants the creation of a separate business unit for Corporate Apparel’s instance of Marketing Cloud?
A Consultant has a data extension that contains all current product information. The customer wants to refresh data each morning by importing a CSV containing today's product catalog. The product catalog is never the same; products can be added and removed. Which import type should be used?
A customer wants to display a subscriber’s first name and the date of send in its monthly newsletter. Subscriber first name data is stored in a data extension that will not be used in the send definition. Which option should be in this scenario?
As part of their brand guidelines, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses a custom brand font for all print marketing materials. NTO wants to use their custom brand font in email as well. What is the recommended best practice for font usage in email?